Tape Hiss and Sparkle is:

Simon Tamblyn - Guitar and Vocals

Mandisi Nkomo - Drums

Catherine Schenck - Cello

Helen Westcott - Bass Guitar

Tape Hiss and Sparkle is lo-fi, off-beat, alternative folk music. Started as the solo project of Simon Tamblyn (Simon Pienaar playing under an old family name) in 2009 while Tamblyn was still the vocalist for art-rockers, The Sleepers (from 2003 - 2011). Recording in his bedroom, Tamblyn wrote about his life and others in Cape Town, South Africa.

TH&S has been fortunate enough to have featured many great players. In 2009 the line up was Chris Truter from The Sleepers on bass, Linda Scarborough from Coal on keys, Marc Rontsch from Black Moscow on guitar and Philip Cramer from Sidecar Fire on drums.

In 2011, TH&S was once again a solo act, however, the following year saw the addition of two more members: Mandisi Nkomo on drums and Alessandro Busetto on bass. Cellist, Rosamund Van Der Westhuizen joined briefly in 2014 but was replaced in 2015 by Catherine Schenck on cello. Alessandro was later also replaced by Helen Westcott from Coal

“Tamblyn’s unmistakable voice spins tales that flutter between child-like naiveté and wisdom beyond his years.”

Angela Weickl, YourLMG.

“Tamblyn is an engaging and compelling lyricist”

Anton Marshall

“Earnest bedroom-folk-type songs with both subtle and direct references to Cape Town and South Africa ... very pretty stuff and well worth a listen.”

Laura McCullagh