Tape Hiss and Sparkle is:

Simon Tamblyn - Guitar, vocals, mandolin, etc.

Mandisi Nkomo - Drums

Started as Tamblyn's solo project of in 2009 while he was the singer for Cape Town art-rockers, The Sleepers, TH&S is lo-fi folk music. A mixture of DIY ethics and hazy nostalgia, TH&S is a long-lived project of passion for music.

“Tamblyn’s unmistakable voice spins tales that flutter between child-like naiveté and wisdom beyond his years.”

Angela Weickl, YourLMG.

“Tamblyn is an engaging and compelling lyricist”

Anton Marshall

“Earnest bedroom-folk-type songs with both subtle and direct references to Cape Town and South Africa ... very pretty stuff and well worth a listen.”

Laura McCullagh